Pointers On Getting The Right Wig Bundles

Pointers On Getting The Right Wig Bundles

One of the things you need to keep in mind when it comes to wigs is the form they come in. If you plan on buying bundles with closure, you will be offered many options. The wig bundles you buy will be dependant on a couple of things. Here are some pointers on choosing the tight bundles for your hair.

What are wig bundles

Before you start buying wigs, you need to know what bundles are. A wig bundle is natural human hair that has been sorted and sewn onto a weft. The weft will vary in length, which will have different effects on the wig bundle you get. Now that you know what a wig bundle is, let us look at how you choose bundles.

Factors to consider when choosing wig bundles

Here are the different factors you need to keep in mind when choosing the right wig bundle.

1. The length of the weft

One of the things that will determine how big the bundles will be is the length of the weft. Different companies will sell you a bundle only to realize that the bundle is smaller than other types in the market. The reason for this is, the weft was too short. Different companies have different rules on how long the weft should be, which affects the size of your bundle. If you are looking for bundles with more hair, you need to go for longer wefts. On the other hand, you can always choose shorter wefts if you do not mind smaller bundles.

2. The size of your head

While this might be something you do not want to look at, your head size will determine how many bundles you will need at the end of the day. Take, for instance, if you were to put a child in a wig or weave, they would not need as many bundles as you. The same applies to some who might have a smaller head. If you pick fewer bundles, then chances are the hair will be spaced out on your head, which gives a different look to the entire thing. Ensure the bundles you get will be enough for you.

3. The coverage you want

The other thing you need to keep in mind is the type of coverage you want. If you love your wigs with more hair, you will need more hair bundles. That way, you have more hair to work with and can use less space in-between it. If you get less hair, your wig will not have much to work with. The smaller bundle will work for you if you want to get a wig with less hair and feels lighter on your head. The coverage you want will play a key role in getting the wig bundles.


Creating your wig means you need to figure out the bundles you need and how that will affect the final look. You, therefore, need to take the time and settle on bundles that work for you. Remer different companies offer different size bundles, so keep that in mind.