Valley Glow Yoga Studio

Opening in mid-December

This is the new home for Valley Glow Yoga! The address is 5197 Main Street, Suite 2A (Irasville Common) in Waitsfield, Vermont. This is the second floor space with the half-dome window. We are planning to open in mid-December with a light schedule and  a full schedule beginning January 1, 2017.

Valley Glow Yoga will offer morning, noon, evening, and weekend classes. Regular classes include Basic Yoga, Heated Flow, Contemporary Yoga, Advanced Yoga, Meditation and Movement, and more.

I will announce details for the Open House soon… Can’t wait to see you there!



Coming Soon . . .

A downtown Waitsfield home for Valley Glow Yoga!

Details will be announced soon, but I am joining forces with other amazing and dedicated yoga teachers to open a full-schedule yoga studio in downtown Waitsfield.

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Resuming Classes November 19

phoenix rising yoga therapy training

In October, I announced to my classes that I would have subs for the next 3 weeks as I began my Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy training in Bristol, VT. All my classes at the Bridges and at IndyYoga are covered, although not all of my classes at SHaRC were able to be filled. Please call SHaRC beforehand if you plan to go to a SHaRC class.

I will resume my regular teaching schedule on Saturday, November 19, 2016, with 9 a.m. Flow I/II and 10:45 a.m. Family Yoga, both at IndyYoga in Duxbury. You can register for those in advance!

I’m beginning Level 3 this week and am officially a Phoenix-Rising-Yoga-Therapy-Practitioner-in-Training! I will be reaching out to people in the next few months about practice sessions. If this is something you’d be interested in receiving or want to know more about what Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy is, please email me.


Show Love

Breathe to this. Lie in savasana listening to this. Splash cold water on your face and then dance around the room to this. Turn this up loud and fill yourself up with vibration. Sit in malasana (yogic squat) and sing, chant, hum, om with this.

I wanna know what Love is.

I want you to show me.

I wanna feel what Love is.

I know you can show me.


October Family Yoga

Saturday Morning Family Yoga

I am so grateful that Family Yoga at IndyYoga has been well attended enough to make it a monthly offering! Although space is limited to 7 families, this class is open to families of all sizes (one parent, two parents, grandparents, one child, three children) and is just $15 for the whole family.



In our October 1 class, we learned about two types of breath: long breaths to calm the body and mind and short, powerful breaths to energize. I made the glitter heart peace sign using a template from Homemade Preschool. The circular peace sign with dots is fun too. This is a great followup for class and hanging your finished artwork around your home can help remind you and your family to pause and take a few long deep peeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaace breaths throughout the day.

Our next class is November 19, 2016, from 10:45 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. Hope to see you!



My son’s peace sign


September Announcements

The Shift to September

Did you know September is National Yoga Month? I didn’t either until yesterday. But National Yoga Month is coming at a good time. People’s schedules are changing. Many of us may be excited to start moving in new directions and put energy into new projects. While these are all good things, it’s natural to also feel a little overwhelmed and unsure about how everything will turn out. These are the times when it’s more important than ever to stick with your regular yoga practice.

Try 2 new classes this month or commit to attending the same class for 4 weeks in a row. These are good ways to start settling yourself into a routine you’d like to continue until the year’s end.

Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

We have added two Saturdays: September 9 and September 17 @ 10:30 a.m. Call Clearwater Sports to register. We will also continue Wednesdays, weather permitting.

Outdoor Yoga

All outdoor classes have ended for the year. But the weather is still beautiful. Get out there and salute the sun in your backyard while you have the chance!

Master Yoga Schedule

The master schedule will be updated at the end of September. Please let me know if you see any mistakes. I make this to the best of my ability based on the information I have. If there are types of classes you’d like but don’t see on the schedule, comment below or email me.



Good morning, sun.

Family Yoga–Fun for Parents & Kids

Family Yoga

July’s Family Yoga class at IndyYoga was for parents and children, so that parents could learn some simple songs, games, and postures for practicing yoga at home with their kids. I promised parents that I’d post some pictures and some reminders about how to take it all home with you. So here it is!


Keep It Playful

Sing, dance, laugh, fall over, have fun, move like no one’s watching you, put your whole heart and soul into. The more energy you put in, the more your kids will be enthused to practice with you. In your yoga pose, you can become an animal, a plant, an object…anything really!

Keep It Consistent

Kids thrive with routine. Begin with the same signal each time, maybe a chime, maybe by taking out a yoga book, or maybe sitting on some fun pillows and saying OM together. I suggest doing a few postures consistently for a few days so your children can feel like they really know it. That’s when your children will be able to whip out a warrior or settle into butterfly pose on their own and say, “Look, Mommy/Daddy! I’m a butterfly!”

Keep It Spontaneous

Sometimes, though, you just have to let the routine go and be spontaneous. If you are taking a walk and something you see reminds you or your child of a yoga pose, bust it out! If you thought maybe you’d do some partner poses today, but your children seem like they really want to be independent with their bodies, go with the flow and do something else.

Keep It Balanced

Just like with everything else, kids do best with balance. Try some really energetic poses (buzzing around like a bee, stomping your elephant feet and waving your elephant truck), then follow them with calming, relaxing poses (child’s pose, relaxation).